Incredible Group's journey began with the supply of food products to restaurant chains. However, the visionary Atul Waghela didn't stop there. Collaborating with food product manufacturers, the company ventured into establishing the I-Mart supermarket chain, filling the void in talukas where big retail brands were absent. The stores quickly became synonymous with affordability, offering groceries at discounted prices, and the mall culture at the taluka level brought about a surge in footfall.

Embracing the digital wave, Incredible Group launched the I-Mart card and a hyperlocal app, allowing users to order groceries and daily essentials from nearby retailers with unprecedented ease. The app, far from being confined to groceries, expanded its offerings to include apparel, services, and health and wellness products.

Today, with over 2200 retail stores onboarded in Rajkot alone, I-Mart continues to offer discounts ranging from 10% to a whopping 70%, making it a consumer favorite. The integration of I-Mart cardholders into the retail chain has solidified its consumer base, with thousands of cardholders at the taluka and district levels.

Buoyed by this success, Incredible Group now has its sights set on expanding its retail chain across India and globally, bringing its unique blend of affordability and quality to a wider audience.

Real Estate Triumphs: From Aerocity to Commercial Plotting

Incredible Group's foray into real estate began with the commission agency for plot selling near Hirasar Greenfield International Airport, Rajkot. The success of this venture led to the launch of "Incredible Aerocity," a residential plotting project near the airport, selling an impressive 238 plots within 1.5 years. The groundbreaking "Plot Utsav" organized in collaboration with "Divya Bhaskar" further showcased the company's innovative approach to marketing.

Following this triumph, the company replicated its success with "Incredible Aerocity Prime (Maple Wood Park)," selling out the entire project within six months. The commercial plotting project, "2 Aero Commercial Park," near the cargo gate of Hirasar Airport, added another feather to the group's cap.

Diverse Ventures: Beyond Retail and Real Estate

Incredible Group's success extends beyond retail and real estate. The conglomerate boasts ventures like Electrinc, a manufacturer of E-Bikes, Best Career Consultancy offering staffing solutions, Concept Creation providing design, branding, marketing, and printing solutions, A.R. Enterprises supplying machinery for tenders, and Incredible Corporation handling franchises and sales. All these ventures operate successfully, contributing to the group's multifaceted growth.

A Network of Visionaries: The Power of Partnership

At the helm of these ventures are visionaries like Ashish Vaghela of A R Enterprises, Raju Bhai Vaghela of I-Mart, and Mr. Mukesh Kooriya, a stalwart in Commercial Plotting. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and driving positive change is palpable in every endeavor they undertake.

One cannot overlook the remarkable contributions of Yogesh Solanki and Pankaj Patel, who are shaping the skyline with Incredible Aerocity, a project that promises not just architectural brilliance but also a sustainable future. Joined by Rajesh Bharadwaj in the endeavor of Incredible Aerocity Prime, their collective efforts symbolize a dedication to excellence that transcends mere business goals.

In the E-Bikes segment, Sumit Chavda and Parmesh Mehta are making waves with Electrinc, a venture that epitomizes innovation and efficiency. Their cutting-edge solutions are not just transforming industries but also enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals.

Ajit Parmar's Best Consultancy is a guiding path for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering invaluable insights and support on the journey to success. Meanwhile, Nilesh Adesra's Concept Creation fuels the creative engine of countless ventures, bringing ideas to life with precision and flair.

In Finance, Yuvraj Singh Vaghela of I-Mart Card and Incredible Finance, alongside Mrs. Hanhika Vaghela of the Incredible Group, is revolutionizing the way we approach financial solutions. Their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility ensures that prosperity is within reach for all.

Collaboration is at the heart of their ethos, driving collective success and fostering a culture of innovation and growth.

Awards and Recognition: A Testament to Excellence

Incredible Group's commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. The company received the "Most Innovative Company in Real Estate" award from Divya Bhaskar, presented by the charismatic Bollywood actress Rakul Preet in Goa. Numerous other accolades stand as a testament to the group's innovative spirit and outstanding contributions to various industries.

As Incredible Group of Companies continues to carve its path of success, it brings with it a promise of affordability, innovation, and community development. With an eye on global expansion, this conglomerate is poised to redefine the landscape of retail, real estate, and beyond, bringing positivity and prosperity to every corner it touches.