• Transformative Expansion: From humble beginnings supplying food products to restaurants, Incredible Group of Companies has rapidly expanded its reach and influence in the retail sector.
  • Innovative Solutions: The launch of the I-Mart card and hyperlocal app revolutionizes the way consumers shop for groceries and daily essentials, offering convenience and unbeatable discounts.
  • Commitment to Excellence: With a vision to become a globally renowned brand, the company sets ambitious goals and prioritizes social welfare through strategic CSR initiatives.

Rajkot, India - February 9, 2024 - Incredible Group of Companies, a leading force in retail, is thrilled to share its latest achievements in transforming the retail scene in India and beyond. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Atul Waghela on June 1, 2017, our company has shown remarkable innovation and commitment to serving customers.

In the face of formidable competition from well-established retail conglomerates, the Incredible Group of Companies initiated a notable endeavor, commencing with the provision of food products to prominent restaurant chains. Yet, fueled by a relentless drive for growth and excellence, the corporation swiftly broadened its scope of activities. Through strategic partnerships with food product manufacturers, the Incredible Group ventured into the establishment of the I-Mart supermarket chain, addressing the needs of underserved markets devoid of significant retail presence.

The company's commitment to offering groceries at discounted prices quickly resonated with consumers, propelling the popularity of I-Mart stores across various talukas. The introduction of mall culture at the taluka level attracted significant footfall, further solidifying the company's position as a market leader.

In a strategic move to capture a larger market share, Incredible Group launched the innovative I-Mart card, offering exclusive discounts and benefits to loyal customers. Additionally, the development of a hyperlocal app revolutionized the retail experience, allowing users to conveniently order groceries and daily essentials from nearby retailers.

"We are thrilled to unveil these groundbreaking initiatives that redefine the retail segment," said Atul Waghela, founder of Incredible Group of Companies. "Our focus has always been on providing unprecedented value and convenience to our customers, and these innovations reflect our tenacious commitment to that mission."

Incredible Group's commitment to excellence shines through in its seamless integration of I-Mart cardholders into its retail chain, cultivating a devoted community of consumers. With seven operational locations and a substantial presence of thousands of I-Mart cardholders across various talukas and districts, the company is primed for substantial expansion.

Looking ahead, Incredible Group of Companies aims to expand its footprint across India and establish a global presence, setting ambitious goals to be listed on NSE/BSE and establish 100 franchises within the next five years. The company's vision, encapsulated in the slogan "Your Necessity Our Responsibility," underscores its commitment to collaborative growth and customer-centric values.

About Incredible Group of Companies

Incredible Group of Companies is a pioneering force in the retail industry, dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences. Founded in 2017 by Atul Waghela, the company has rapidly expanded its operations and influence, with a focus on revolutionizing the retail landscape and creating lasting value for all stakeholders.