Since its inception on June 1, 2017, Incredible Group of Companies, under the visionary leadership of Atul Waghela, has been making waves in the retail and real estate sectors. What started as a humble endeavor supplying food products to restaurant chains has now burgeoned into a multifaceted conglomerate, catering to diverse consumer needs and preferences.

The company's journey began with the establishment of a supermarket chain, I-Mart, in various talukas across Gujarat. In regions where major retail brands were absent, Incredible Group seized the opportunity to provide quality groceries at discounted prices, effectively filling a gap in the market. The introduction of the I-Mart card and a hyperlocal app further enhanced the convenience for consumers, allowing them to order essentials from nearby retailers with ease.

Incredible Group's retail expansion didn't stop there. By onboarding over 2200 retail stores in Rajkot alone, the company demonstrated its commitment to empowering local businesses while offering substantial discounts to customers. Moreover, by diversifying its offerings beyond groceries to include apparel, services, and health and wellness products, Incredible Group solidified its position as a one-stop destination for everyday needs.

The success of Incredible Group's retail ventures is underscored by its integration of I-Mart cardholders into its retail chain segment, attracting a loyal customer base that spans across talukas and districts. With thousands of I-Mart cardholders and seven operational locations, the company has cemented its foothold in the retail landscape of Gujarat.

Looking ahead, Incredible Group harbors ambitions of expanding its retail footprint beyond India's borders. With plans to establish its retail chain globally, the company aims to replicate its success on an international scale, thereby enriching the lives of consumers worldwide.

In addition to its retail prowess, Incredible Group has made significant strides in the real estate sector. The launch of projects such as "Incredible Aerocity" and "Incredible Aerocity Prime" near Hirasar International Airport garnered immense attention from investors and homebuyers alike. By leveraging strategic branding, marketing, and event sponsorship, the company achieved remarkable success, selling out hundreds of plots within a short span.

The completion of 238 plot sales in "Incredible Aerocity" within 1.5 years and the subsequent success of "Incredible Aerocity Prime" underscored the trust and satisfaction of customers and investors. Many investors witnessed substantial appreciation in their investments upon resale, further solidifying Incredible Group's reputation as a reliable and lucrative investment avenue.

Beyond retail and real estate, Incredible Group of Companies boasts a diverse portfolio of ventures, including Electrinc, Best Career Consultancy, Concept Creation, A.R. Enterprises, and Incredible Corporation. Each venture has carved a niche for itself in its respective domain, contributing to the overall success and growth of the conglomerate.

The involvement of esteemed venture partners further attests to the credibility and strength of Incredible Group. With prominent figures like Ashish Vaghela, Raju Bhai Vaghela, Mukesh Kooriya, and others at the helm, the company continues to thrive and innovate across its various ventures.

In recognition of its innovative approach and exceptional contributions to the real estate sector, Incredible Group received the prestigious "Most Innovative Company in Real Estate" award from Divya Bhaskar. The award ceremony, graced by Bollywood actress Rakul Preet in Goa, served as a testament to the company's persistent pursuit of merit and innovation.

As Incredible Group of Companies charts its course toward greater heights, it remains trustworthy in its commitment to delivering exceptional value to consumers, stakeholders, and partners alike. With a blend of innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity, the conglomerate is poised to redefine the retail and real estate landscape, both domestically and globally.