Renowned DJ, EDM Producer and Cryptocurrency Investor, 3LAU has recently established a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and music investment platform, Royal. The platform has recently just raised a substantial $16 million seed funding.

Led by the famous artist, Royal is a music investing platform enabling fans to invest in 3LAU’s music and upcoming artists. Royal is itself part of a larger ecosystem, Project Grandscape, which has been developed in conjunction with Ashton Kutcher’s venture fund Sounds Venture and Riot Co-founder Marc Merrill.

How Does Royal Work?

Through Royal, fans will have access to a vast library of audiovisual music and can invest through the platform’s NFT art maps and in future artist’s music. The platform will also enable fans to easily invest in 3LAU’s music as well as take part in conversations and interactive activities.

The concept behind Royal is to enable music fanatics to invest in and earn from the music industry. Royal will also utilize a sophisticated blockchain and cryptocurrency backend that will enable multiple smart contracts and applications over and beyond investing; allowing for interactive and exciting music-based experiences between fans and artists.

Who is Behind Royal?

Leading the project is 3LAU himself, an established EDM artist and notable cryptocurrency investor. Aside from 3LAU, The Royal project is backed by high-profile venture capitalists and a team of experts, including Ashton Kutcher’s venture fund Sounds Venture capped by Marc Merrill, Riot’s co-founder, Gokul Rajaram (Facebook Adviser and former Director in Ads at Square), David Sacks (Founder of Zoom and Social Capital), Kathryn Minshew (CEO at the Muse, Hero and STREETÉ Founder).

What Can Fans Expect?

Through Royal, fans can expect the following additional features: 

  • NFT Art Maps: Through these users will be able to purchase non-fungible tokens that represent 3LAU’s music, or other artist’s music.

  • A Blockchain-Powered Platform: The platform will consist of a sophisticated blockchain and cryptocurrency backend which will be used to facilitate smart contracts and creative music-based applications.

  • Opportunity To Invest In Emerging Artists: Through investing in emerging artists, fans will have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and benefit alongside the rising stars of the music industry.

  • Enhanced Music Experiences: Royal encourages increased fan engagement, enabling fans to easily interact with 3LAU and upcoming artists, taking part in conversations, activities, and experiences through the app.


3LAU’s Royal marks a revolutionary moment in the music industry, enabling fans to invest in music, invest in emerging talent and engaging in interactive music-based activities. The venture has already drawn in substantial funding and investor interest, and is slated to become the future of music investing for fanatics.