With the exponential growth of Blockchain technology, Deso blockchain has come up with a decentralized social token that’s taken the world by storm.


Within 24 hours of its launch, Deso Blockchain has taken the market by storm, with an estimate of 1.5 million users. The blockchain platform consists of retail customers, financial institutions, governments, large companies and organizations. Its team of experts and its board of advisors consists of the brightest minds in the industry.


Deso Blockchain gives users the ability to quickly and easily move funds within the decentralized ecosystem. Users can transfer money to their contacts, store their assets and make investments within the Deso Network. With Deso’s intuitive interface, users can easily purchase and sell digital currencies as well as authorized assets.


Deso’s decentralized social token, D-token, was launched in January 2021, and has skyrocketed nearly 90 percent within 24 hours. This token is used to facilitate transactions on the Deso Network, allowing users to store value and make purchases within the platform. D-token is built on the Deso ledger, which is an open source blockchain that provides users with transparency and privacy.


Using Deso brings several benefits to users, such as: 

  • Low Fees: Deso charges low transaction fees when compared to other digital payment services. 
  • Secure: Deso utilizes a secure and encrypted ledger system to ensure that user information stays private and secure. 
  • Instant Payments: Deso makes sending and receiving payments quick and easy, with instant transfers.

Deso is the first of its kind, and provides users with an innovative and secure way to transact payments and store value. Its impressive growth and strong performance within the first 24 hours reaffirms its place as one of the most sought-after blockchain networks.