Many people who have travelled alone in India express great nostalgia for their experiences there and a wish to return. Unbelievably rich in history, culture, delicious food, gorgeous scenery, enormous monuments, and much more, this location ought to be on everyone's travel wish list.

Read the Indian facts and learn about the culture before making any reservations. Learn about the risks, where they are, how to act with respect, and the current state of tensions in the nation. Book your flight tickets on Indigo Airlines, if you are looking for affordable and comfortable travel. 

Travelling alone can initially appear intimidating if you're not an experienced traveller. But it is possible to do so with these easy pointers and strategies, and your solo trip to India will be something you will talk about and remember for years to come!

  1. Have the necessary paperwork ready for your SIM card.

 First things first: when visiting India, make sure your SIM card is working properly. In retrospect, it might appear a little complicated at first, but all you need are a few more documents.

Reputable telecom companies include BSNL, Idea, Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, and more. Perhaps the best choice is Airtel, the top provider in India with affordable rates. In addition to having extensive coverage, getting a SIM card from Airtel is comparatively faster than from other telecoms.

You can purchase a SIM card on arrival if you're flying into one of the larger airports. You would need to present a copy of the visa and your passport for this. However, you can obtain a SIM card straight from the merchant if you're travelling to an airport that doesn't provide them. You would need to submit a copy of your passport, your visa, and a picture of your passport for this.

  1. Consider regional fashion trends.

As with any trip, it's crucial to do your homework, ascertain the local fashion codes, and follow them. In the case of India, people usually dress modestly, with women's knees and shoulders covered.

  1. Be mindful of your possessions 

You don't have the benefit of an extra set of eyes watching over your possessions when you travel alone. A few general guidelines are there that apply, such as always leaving your possessions unattended and always carrying your rucksack in front of crowded areas. 4. Select bottled or treated mineral water. It's better to be cautious than sorry, even though hygiene norms in India aren't as poor as many people may believe. Try to stay away from ice as much as possible and stick to bottled mineral water, as it occasionally causes upset stomachs. 

  1. Always carry a small amount of change.

In certain cases, you may be required to tip someone in return for a favour; in other cases, you may simply wish to provide a little tip to a chauffeur, guide, waiter, or another very kind person. Finding yourself in that predicament with only large notes on you is incredibly awkward.

  1. When hailing a cab, exercise caution.

Insisting on utilizing the meter is the most important rule when hailing a taxi anywhere on the globe. While it's the best scenario, many Indian taxi drivers refuse to utilize the meter when they pick up foreigners and instead demand a fixed fare.

Sometimes it's your only choice, in which case you'd have to give in and take a fixed charge. Therefore, it's a good idea to have a ballpark idea of the amount your vacation should cost so that you may bargain for a price that suits you. Carry a tiny amount with you and avoid using large bills while paying, as some drivers may use the change as their gratuity.

  1. Use ride-sharing services such as Ola or Uber.

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You have the option of using ride-sharing applications like Uber and Ola in addition to the standard public transportation options like rickshaws, buses, trains, and taxis. It's especially useful when you have somewhere to go and don't want to worry about language barriers getting in the way.

  1. Accept your newfound star status without surprise.

When visiting a foreign nation and standing out from the local population, it's common to receive curious looks. Don't let the curious looks get in the way of your Indian adventure! Rather, you'll most likely be the beneficiary of the people's kind and warm hospitality.

  1. Hire a trustworthy day trip guide.

You can still take a day excursion to some of the top tourist destinations even if you are travelling alone. Sometimes having a guide with some really cool things under their sleeve is beneficial. You can pick from a variety of options online that will easily fit into your schedule.