Grayscale, one of the biggest institutional investors in digital assets, has taken a step further to secure its chain reserves by withholding evidence of those reserves.

Grayscale has been increasing the chain reserves over the past year by collecting the assets from its investors and many of these assets are very high in value. The company has decided to withhold the evidence for security reasons.

Why Does Grayscale Withhold Evidence?

1. To Secure Chain Reserves

Grayscale strives to keep its chain reserves secure from malicious actors, who may attempt to access the funds without permission. By withholding the evidence, Grayscale can better protect its chain reserves from potential threats.

2. To Increase Transparency

Grayscale believes that by withholding the evidence, it will increase transparency for investors. This means that investors will have access to the information they need to make informed decisions and will be able to trust in the security of the funds.

3. To Reduce The Risk Of Hacking

By withholding the evidence of its chain reserves, Grayscale seeks to reduce the risk of hacking. Hackers may try to gain access to the chain reserves by obtaining the evidence and then manipulating the funds. By withholding the evidence, Grayscale reduces the risk of this happening.


Grayscale's decision to withhold evidence of its chain reserves is a responsible move that will help protect the funds and increase transparency for its investors. It also reduces the risk of hacking, which is an important consideration for any business dealing in digital assets.

Though this decision may lead to some questions from investors, Grayscale's commitment to security and transparency should be reassuring.