What Happened?

Crypto.com had identified some unauthorized transactions and strongly believed that their system had been targeted by hackers. As soon as they noticed that something was off, they responded quickly to mitigate the risk and damage.

Actions Taken

Crypto.com have made the following changes to their platform in light of the suspicious transactions:

  • Suspending Deposits and Withdrawals: Crypto.com will temporarily suspend all deposits and withdrawals, affecting both fiat and crypto transactions.
  • Investigating: Crypto.com are currently investigating the situation to assess any potential impact.
  • No User Data Compromised: Crypto.com have confirmed that user data was not affected or compromised during the incident.

What Should You Do Now?

If you are a Crypto.com user, you should not be alarmed. The Crypto.com team are working hard to investigate this incident and mitigate the impact on their users. However, they do advise users to stay vigilant and monitor their accounts.

In addition, Crypto.com have also released a security statement and have requested all of their users to review it.


Although this incident is worrying, it is reassuring to see that Crypto.com had such a swift response and it does not appear that any user data was compromised. We will continue to keep an eye on the situation and we urge Crypto.com users to stay vigilant and review the security statement.