Binance Chain BNB holders have something to rejoice as leading blockchain analytics firm, Ellptic, has pledged to monitor BNB using their cutting-edge tools and services. The Elliptic Portal has data tailored to investors, exchanges, and wallets that use BNB, offering trackable transactions, user-defined thresholds and on-chain security features.

Elliptic’s Services to Monitor BNB

Elliptic's services to monitor BNB are distributed as follows:

  • Transaction Monitoring: Elliptic's AI models and expert compliance analysts will be able to track and monitor the transactions made with BNB.
  • Asset Scoring: Elliptic will assess all BNB transactions on the blockchain and score them according to risk so that users can assess their own risk exposure.
  • User-defined Thresholds: By setting user-defined risk thresholds, customers can modify the degree of scrutiny they would like Elliptic to apply to a BNB transaction.
  • On-chain Security: Elliptic will help customers to identify suspicious behavior which might indicate nefarious activities exerting on-chain security.

An Overview of Ellptic

Elliptic is a blockchain analytics and risk management firm that offers solutions for exchanges, financial institutions, and government agencies to help identify and mitigate risk related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company was started in 2013, and has since grown to be one of the leading experts in cryptocurrency-focused risk management and compliance solutions. Elliptic is also a member of various industry associations such as the American Bankers Association and the Financial Conduct Authority.


Elliptic is a blockchain analytics and risk management firm committed to helping its customers monitor BNB activity. Through its cutting-edge tools and services, Elliptic offers solutions such as transaction monitoring, asset scoring, user-defined thresholds and on-chain security features. This news has come as a great relief to BNB holders, as this further increases the security and transparency of the asset.