Mr. Ashok Sharma is an iconic business entrepreneur who helps brands and companies to internationally launch products thereby helping brands in building network. Along with being an excellent business entrepreneur he is also a great business motivator and business growth personality who loves to work with young entrepreneurs who are looking for support in their dreams, ideas, and goals. 

Last year he was awarded by Iconic Youngest Business entrepreneur from Midday at an Midday International Retail and lifestyle icons in Dubai. This award show honors those who stand to make a mark in the industry through their innovations. Many bollywood celebrities, Indian business man's and other famous personalities were present at the event while the award was given

His aim is to help the companies that collaborate with him to grow and stabilize their business world wide and also help their increase their reach worldwide and support them in making their own brand name globally. Specially the companies who are finding difficultly to set foot in the market due to the crisis caused by the after effects of Corona virus.