The deeper the roots of the tree are the taller and stronger it will grow. In order to understand the new technologies, its working and the terms associated with them, first we have to understand from where did it originated and hence fort evolved to where we see them now.

As a new bee the whole web3, meta verse, block chain and other words might look quite heavy to understand so why not first start with the basics and then gradually come in terms with where these technologies have come now and will further go in future.

What is web?

The World wide web, commonly known as WWW or w3, refers to an information system is which is interlinked with other local systems where users can easily get access to the information other share over internet. These platforms or pages which the user has access to are interconnected through click on links, otherwise called as hyperlinks. This information can be in different multimedia formats and only limited to texts and images. As automobile engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering likewise web is a part or element of internet and not internet itself. It can also be called as initial web or web1.

lets have a look at the next generation of web i.e. web2.0 or web2. This version of web is a more social and user friendly. And when we refer to as social yes, it means the era when Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms came into being which no less than a revolution in itself. Now people can not only get access to the content but also connect, post and create their own content and later get reviews on them with just a single click. Hence, web2 came out like a wild fire which not only caught every one’s attention but also helped people in connecting to services which helped them in their life and engage with others for efficiently.

On the other hand, web3 the next big game changer comes with the purpose to solve the problem of corporates and other monopiles by decentralizing the information and shifting the power of middle man or a third party to the user itself. In simple words user will be in the sole authority of not only having access to the information but also will be able to monetize their activity and contributions which is currently not possible in today’s so called social and user-friendly platforms. With the incorporation of web3.0 the future we are looking at is more based on direct interaction between the humans and Artificial Intelligence rather than third party interference which sometimes causes dispute when it comes to origination of ideas.  

Apple’s Siri, Googles Cloud API, Wolfram Alpha are some of the examples of web 3.0 which are already in use.

Do you there is something called as a web2.5? It mainly focused on the development of mobile industry both technical and computing wise. Web 2.5 is referred to as the convergence between Social and Semantic web. We did had a lot of technological changes during this time but it didn’t came into people’s sight because web2.5 was mostly based on the technicalities and computing part which doesn’t seem as interesting as being involved in a twitter fight or #campaigns does.  

For a matter-of-fact World Wide Web (WWW) was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the in 1989. So, one might ask why is there is sudden boom of terminologies like web3 and others spiralling around the industry with so many people investing in it like their life depends on it? There are many reasons if to be believed, the believers think that web3 will renew the internet by transforming it into a middle man free portal thereby smashing the traditional approach. While for some web3 is just a play around publicity for crypto and NFT’s which aim at making people believe that web3 and blockchain are the future in order to gain political support. So that people can be manipulated and somehow the transactions are made easier.

No one knows what the future holds but one thing I can assure you of is that don’t forget to stay tuned for more informative articles like this.