Many might have answered the question of what web3 is, how it works and what will its features look like? but like every coin has two sides so does every forth coming technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important and demanding technological topics that has recently overtaken all the online discussions and debates is Web 3.0. The third version of the internet, popularly referred to as the decentralized web or Web 3.0, is an advancement of Web 2.0 which is now referred to as the next big thing after cryptocurrency.

During the earlier phase, website visitors could only interact and engage through reading, writing, and content sharing. in which both, the dynamic applications as well as machine-to-machine communication are included. In order to produce a better and more personalized user experience, this iteration links data using a decentralized technique.

Your data will be safe and secure on Web3, a decentralized internet that will through run blockchain technology. This will prevent digital powerhouses from dominating platforms and applications and instead offer users their fair share of input to the internet.

Benefits of decentralized web3:

  • Data ownership: users will be in full charge of the data that they will generate not only in terms if accessibility but also profit, 1which In Web 2.0 was under the control of digital conglomerates. The end users of web3 under blockchain management will be entirely responsible for information use. You will decide what information you need to give to companies, promote companies, and earn profit from it.   Decentralized applications would therefore not be governed or subject to entry prohibitions.
  • No third-party interference: The Web3 Blockchain will directly link businesses and customers without any middlemen to take control. Few to almost none of the specialists will receive a part of the profits from electronic transactions. Although suitable rules will be present to check reasonableness are still necessary, there will be a move away from centralized establishments and toward trustless and decentralized networks.
  • Safety at the summit: You will be guaranteed that security is always put first with Web3 technology. Blockchain technology advances when it seems that data is being copied or taken without the client's knowledge. This information is secure and meticulously organised; the information can't be changed or hacked without any obstacle. The use of only tried-and-true web3 applications is advised since there may be some inconsistent web3 applications.
  • Improved Web Navigation Experience: The main goal of a web application is to examine web usage patterns to determine which forms of contraception work the best. customized web browsing experience for you. Our tastes will be more accurately detected by websites, resulting in a more personalized internet browsing experience.

Problems with Web3:

  • However, web3 is still in the early stages of development, meaning that much of this is still in its decent stage. It is anticipated that web3 innovation and development would take a few years.
  • While decentralizing the web is one of web3's goals, clients using outdated technology will have trouble locating web3's features. Different web technologies, like web2, which we currently use, will also age and possibly lose their uniqueness among developed and developing nations. 
  • Owners of current sites will be required to update their locations. As Web 3.0 applications and websites gain popularity, incumbent businesses will be forced to improve their computerized services or risk losing market share.
  • Easy access to users' private and public data: Due to the Web3's size and connectivity, anyone can easily obtain access to the private and public data that you share online.

Web3 promises to ease this anxiety by firmly reclaiming control over your data and all of your created and owned digital assets. In order to accomplish this, Web3 will grant you and each of those assets distinctive digital tokens that can be followed across the whole internet. This would work similarly to how the global ledgers that enable cryptocurrency track each bitcoin, ether, or dogecoin as they are transferred from owner to owner.

In contrast to the current web, web3 will be managed by all and accessible to all while still protecting the privacy of each user. This last element is extremely important because it would allow other internet users to use that central ledger to confirm your identity and the legitimacy of your assets without having unauthorized access to any of your data or assets. So, now its on you to decide how to take it up but one thing is sure you will be hit by this wave of more realistic and idealistic form of tech one way or another so get ready to experience the new world.