IDEMIA, the leader in Identity technologies, completed the first-of-its-kind mass-scale remote SIM provisioning campaign in the automotive industry with its Automotive Connectivity Manager platform. The Group collaborated with Mercedes-Benz AG to transfer over 700,000 vehicles from one mobile network service provider to another, using over-the-air services.

The success of this campaign, which began in 2021 and ended in spring 2022, is the first of its kind globally. Combined with IDEMIA’s GSMA-compliant SM-SR*, the cloud-based Automotive Connectivity Manager allows to manage end-to-end processes from eSIM profile order to activation, including download of mobile cellular subscriptions into eSIM-equipped connected cars.

Thanks to the flexibility of eSIM technology and IDEMIA’s Automotive Connectivity Manager, IDEMIA’s automotive customers are not locked-in with any mobile network service provider, and can easily swap vehicle fleets, thus enable substancial cost savings for worldwide fleet management. This large-scale migration did not affect Mercedes-Benz car owners, nor will they notice the change, as this is a subscription migration strictly beneficial to the carmaker for better optimization of their telematics services.

“IDEMIA has a long-standing business relationship with Mercedes-Benz AG. We are excited that we have managed this massive subscription management campaign together very successfully. This campaign has solidified IDEMIA’s leading expertise in connectivity management for the automotive industry; it will encourage our Automotive customers to use this technology more often in the future, to solve existing and upcoming business challenges” Philippe De Oliveira, SVP of Automotive Business Line, IDEMIA


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