London, UK – 20-22 May, 2024 - The Generative AI Summit, a premier event for leaders in AI, Data, Technology, and Innovation sectors, is set to return to London from May 20th to 22nd, 2024. Building on the resounding success of its inaugural event in May 2023, this year's summit promises an even more enriching experience with two new content streams, over 50 additional speakers, and an array of insights that delve deeper into the transformative power of Generative AI.

Dates: May 20th-22nd, 2024

Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, UK

Conference Highlights:

The 2nd Annual Generative AI Summit will focus on practical applications and strategic discussions for leveraging Generative AI, hailed as the most disruptive tool since the Internet, for commercial, operational, and competitive success. Key highlights include:

Upskilling for AI Mastery: Tailored sessions on developing an AI-savvy workforce, ensuring your team is equipped to harness the full potential of generative AI.

Navigating AI Risks: Expert-led discussions on identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring a smooth and secure transition in AI adoption.

Cost-Effective AI Strategies: Insights into optimizing investment and resource allocation for maximum efficiency in AI projects.

Realizing AI Value: In-depth case studies and panels focusing on tracking and enhancing the ROI from generative AI investments.

Ethical AI Frameworks: Emphasis on establishing responsible AI practices, ensuring ethical considerations are at the core of your AI initiatives.

Optimizing Infrastructure: Ensuring your organization's technological backbone is prepared for seamless integration and performance.

Industry Disruption: With discussions on successfully navigating business model shifts, learn how to capitalize on the transformative potential of AI, gaining a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape.


Cutting-Edge Use Cases: Delve into a diverse array of real-world practical applications through raw use cases showcasing how generative AI is revolutionizing industries, and any challenges faced along the way.

Confirmed Speakers:

The summit boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including industry titans such as Cassie Kozyrkov, CEO of Data Scientific & Google's first Chief Decision Scientist; Sol Rashidi, former CAO for Estee Lauder and CDAIO for Royal Caribbean; Sanjeevan Bala, Global Chief Data & AI Officer at ITV; and JoAnn Stonier, Mastercard Fellow of Data & AI.

Why Attend Generative AI Summit 2024:

Tailored for Key Decision Makers: This summit is specifically designed for Directors, VPs, Chiefs within Data, Analytics, Technology, Digital, AI, Heads of Innovation, and AI Strategists, ensuring that the content is relevant and impactful for those responsible for driving organizational change.

Multiple Content Streams: With five conference streams, including two new additions, attendees have the opportunity to tailor their experience to suit their team's specific business needs, ensuring maximum value and relevance.

Critical for Shaping the Future: For those tasked with shaping the future of their organizations through Generative AI, this event is indispensable. Gain insights and strategies to lead your organization confidently into the AI-driven future.

Learn from Industry Experts: Access knowledge from over 100 AI pioneer speakers representing a diverse range of industries. Benefit from their expertise and experiences to inform your own AI initiatives.

New Breakthroughs and Insights: Discover the latest advancements and insights through 30+ case studies, 20+ cutting-edge panel discussions, and deep-dive workshops. Stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date information on Generative AI.

Strategic Summit Experience: This event goes beyond a typical conference. It's a strategic summit where leaders converge to redefine enterprise innovation through AI. Engage in strategic discussions and gain actionable insights to drive real change within your organization.

Expand Your Network: Connect with peers, industry experts, and thought leaders through Q&A sessions, conference breaks, and highly anticipated networking drinks. Forge critical connections that can support your organization's AI journey.

Registration and More Information:

For registration, detailed agenda, and additional information, visit the official Generative AI Summit website. Early registration is encouraged to secure a place at this transformative event.

Join the Generative AI Summit to gain actionable takeaways, forge critical connections, and lead your organization to the forefront of the AI revolution. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of shaping the future of enterprise through Generative AI.