Mr Deepak Jha, CEO and Managing Director, British Columbia College of Management (BCCM) talks about his vision. BCCM was recently incepted and 2022-23 is the very first academic year.

1. Setting up a new educational institute is no child’s play, that too in an area where there is no dearth of learning centres with hospitality education and culinary institutes mushrooming all over India. What thoughts went into the whole process of BCCM?

Answer . Yes , this is not an easy assignment and at the same time this is not new either. I have already established my own hotel management colleges (CIHM) in North Bihar in 2015 and our placement is our successes mantra. I always accept the challenges and explore the possibility of contributing in better way to our hospitality sector and to the society. In the last seven years we have provided better infrastructure, academics, and training which helped us to place 100% of our students in all leading national and international chains of hotels in India and abroad, which has given me the confidence that I can do much better in Delhi NCR.

2. What gave you the confidence that BCCM is all set to welcome students?

 Answer. World class infrastructure, our long time strategies, planning, national and international associations, experienced faculties, and BCCM leadership team.

3. What are the USPs of studying at BCCM?

 Answer : Owned and managed by professionals, learning directly from the recruiters directly, technology based skilled based flexible curriculum supported by LMS which allows students the flexibility to pick up any assignment as per their convenience, study materials, course content augmented with industry interaction, and real life shop floor inputs from senior managers working in reputed brands, assured 100% placement, certificate from UGC NAAC-A approved University in the first year and 2nd & 3rd years from foreign university which will help students to get a two year work permit in Canada and Europe.

 4. You’re a veteran in the hospitality industry and have witnessed it change and evolve. How ready are the hospitality graduates for a job in the industry?

Answer : This is very true that now the scenario changed and our students are getting placed into hospitality and tourism sector, airlines , retail, banking, IT Sector. But the recruitments are majorly happening in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

5. What do you think are the winners? What are the inherent qualities in Indian students that can take them places? 

Answer. In India, compared to other management graduates, hotel management graduates are getting less salary, but service charges and tips compensate for that, but that’s only in five star hotels. We are  assisting them to work in Canada and Europe where their salary could multiply by five to six times. There is a preference and a huge demand for Indian skilled manpower.

6.What are the areas that need improvement?

 Answer . All institutions should focus more on practical than theoretical education . Better internships should be provided to their students and hotels should treat them as internship students.

7. How can one make it happen?

Answer .  By having a good exposure to the hospitality sector and be passionate to do something for the industry and society .

8. What are BCCMs plans for the immediate future? What can the students or parents expect when it comes to careers?

 Answer .  To start our Canada and Europe branch operations by December this year, and online education and certification courses for working executive by November 2022.

9. BCCM in 2025 – What are your dreams?

Answer .  BCCM should be recognized as the leading and renowned management college of India.