Mumbai, November 16, 2022 | India: Excitement was rife in the air as nearly 70 enthusiastic parents reached the venue for an evening filled with inspiration, conversation and ideas around Embracing Individuality, Empowering Parents and Celebrating Children. The event #ParentsINK was organized by India's leading early learning edtech platform Creative Galileo in association with INK Talks. The #ParentsINK brought together 11 speakers from various fields to explore the conversations around parenting and how to be better guardians of the future generation.

The speakers included Prerna Jhunjhunwala (Founder, Creative Galileo), Soha Ali Khan (Actor), Babita Phogat (Indian Wrestler), Lakshmi Pratury (Founder, INK Talks), Shukla Bose (Founder and CEO of the Parikrma Humanity Foundation), Sampat Raj (Actor), Vani Kola (Entrepreneur), Natasha Bagaria (Entrepreneur), Anuja Chauhan (Indian Author and Screenwriter), Anju Bobby George (Athlete), and Christian Ehl (Entrepreneur). 

The speakers shared interesting insights into parenthood and touched upon topics like Building Parent-Child Bonds that last a lifetime, embracing digital learning and preparing children for the future with strong solid foundations. The panel left the audience thoroughly inspired through diverse stories of parenting, innovation and mainly, a spirit of promoting positive social, emotional and behavioral development in children. The event comprises speaker-led talks plus panel discussions.  

Prerna Jhunjhunwala, Founder, Creative Galileo said, "In our first chapter we invited terrific speakers who could share insights on Parenting and child education through their personal experiences. #ParentsINK platform has helped us gain some interesting perspectives and will help build this community work towards celebrating and providing educational equity. For the future readiness of children, I believe there is a need to bridge the learning gap today through digital transformation of schools”.

“Gaming is likely to be a big part of schooling in the future. In many ways, education will genuinely be gamified. Gamification will be a major core platform that will impact many different areas, including loneliness and support systems. I believe that technology is headed in a direction that will truly democratize the knowledge economy”, added Vani Kola- Entrepreneur. 

Speaking at the event, leading Actor Soha Ali Khan said, “We're going to have to embrace this digital education and the wonderful things about it. I think that it's impossible and foolish of us not to include digital education into our lives digitally however it needs to be done responsibly. There have to be boundaries and one has to be cognizant of these things, but certainly yes, I am happy to see how the pandemic has pushed digital learning ahead by years.” 

Through #ParentsINK, Creative Galileo wants to drive conversations around building a better future for kids. 


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