The IPL fever is catching fast with the commencement of the 2024 season. We, cricket fans, are marking our calendars to watch the matches of our favorite teams. Fans are gearing up for the adrenaline-pumping matches. They are also preparing to compete virtually with their fantasy cricket teams on popular online platforms. If you are an aspiring fantasy cricket player, your game should have the best strategies to follow. Define your winning strategy irrespective of whether the teams are playing or there are new players on the squad. How can you do it? Here is the list of secrets for the IPL fantasy game straight from the tables of fantasy cricket winners.

Top Secrets to Build Your Dream Fantasy Cricket Team

No matter the cricket event, these secrets will play along with your winning strategies. All you must do is mold the secrets to fit into the picture. Let’s begin!

1. Segment your fantasy cricket strategy

This sounds awkward, but segmenting your fantasy cricket strategy can work like a charm. Well, this segmentation will be in terms of periods. For example, your first period is to analyze and discover the top cricketers of an event. The second segment sets the team properly by placing the cricketers in particular positions. The next and last stage is to make changes according to the latest updates and toss results. Hence, keep calm and segment your strategy accordingly to avoid overwhelming pressure.

2. Homework is necessary

Homework is the foundation of your fantasy cricket strategy. As mentioned in the first point, always read the players’ performances by checking their previous records. Here, you can check the following record formats.

  • Individual performance records in T20 format
  • Head-to-head statistics for teams
  • Performance against rival bowlers and batsmen
  • Captaincy records
  • Fielding records for saving runs in crucial hours
  • Health and fitness of players

Studying these records might sound daunting, but you will get a hang of it. Follow these formats to clearly understand how a cricketer and a team perform in different conditions. Such research will set you apart from the rest of the fantasy fan crowd.

3. Don’t forget to check the pitch reports

Pitch reports are the most crucial part of your last-minute fantasy cricket strategy. For example, a flat pitch will benefit batsmen of all orders. On the other hand, a loose pitch will assist spinners to get more turns in an old ball. Bouncers will not get good results from their pace bowling if the pitch is dry and slow. Here, spinners and medium-pace bowlers will get effective results.

Similarly, a green pitch will add more bounce and speed. It will also assist batsmen in connecting and hitting. So, read the pitch reports and follow this secret.

4. Weather reports can turn the tables

A dry weather will aid spinners to use the worn-out pitch. On the contrary, humid and windy weather will assist fast bowlers to get more swing on the pitch. Batsmen find it easy to anticipate swings in no-wind weather conditions. Hence, your choice of players will depend on the weather conditions. Check where the matches are conducted and follow the latest weather reports. Make last-minute changes in your fantasy cricket team accordingly.

5. Vice-captains and captains: The pillar of your fantasy team

In every format of fantasy cricket, the scoring system revolves around the choice of captains and vice-captains. A winning match can double your points due to a good captain selection. Vice-captains can add as much as 1.5 times your score. So, your prime focus is choosing the best cricketers as captain and vice-captain for an upcoming match. Their performance will boost your score.

6. Adding batsmen to your fantasy squad

Another secret lies in adding top-order batsmen to your fantasy squad. The T20 format is popular because of batsmen's blasting performance. Hence, experts suggest choosing the three best batsmen for an upcoming match. They face a major part of 20 overs right in the beginning and hold the key to winning a T20 match. Adding the top three batsmen to the squad will increase the chances of scoring more points than the rest. Hence, cricketers should be chosen by analyzing their records and fitness levels.

7. Create more than one fantasy cricket team

If you have mastered managing a fantasy team, create another one. It is a manageable task for seasoned fantasy players. Use mobile apps that allow you to create more than one cricket team. This secret helps you keep up with the leaderboard. If one team loses, you can still score points with the others. Determine whether you can manage multiple teams and set your fantasy setup accordingly.

8. Stay updated 

The records may reflect that a cricketer is in great form. What if you miss the news of one’s injury or positional development in a team? This abrupt turn of events can change your approach drastically. For example, a batsman performing well as an opener might have been moved to second or third position in the squad. Injuries in the past few days may not improve a player’s performance. Hence, stay updated with the latest news from channels, public forums, etc. Get expert views from top cricket critics and analysts to make an informed decision. Remember, 60% of the top-order bowlers and batsmen must be on your team.

9. Balance the combination of cricketers

Every fantasy cricket expert focuses more on all-rounders. Why? All-rounders who are eligible as good batsmen and occasional bowlers can do miracles. Their batting and bowling performances can add more points than an individual batsman and a bowler. So, what can you do to balance the team? Discover the best all-rounders to fill the top four positions in your team. Check wicketkeepers who give nightmares to bowlers and add. Select bowlers who can turn the tables with their batting performances in crucial hours. This secret will balance your team’s performance and scoring capabilities.

Verdict: Amp Your Fantasy Cricket Game!

Use these secrets to increase the chances of scoring more in fantasy cricket. Set your team by including players as directed. Follow the thumb rule of choosing top-order batsmen, top bowlers, and all-rounders to lead the scoreboard. Choose a fantasy cricket format at your convenience and start building your dream team.