On June 2, 2024, Hari Ashrith Foundation, Mumbai's leading NGO, organized a significant event focused on men's empowerment in Goregaon East, Mumbai. The event, attended by over 300 youth, including both male and female participants, showcased the pressing issues of men's emotions, mental stress, and depression through a compelling street play.
The talented drama artists from Hari Ashrith Foundation performed an impactful street play that vividly portrayed the emotional struggles and mental health challenges faced by men. The artists included Akshay Gopal, Roshni Gupta, Vinay Jadhav, Sujal Gupta (who also won the Best Drama Artist Award), Aditya Gupta, Shivam Gupta, and Sana Kazi. Their performance resonated deeply with the audience, raising awareness about the often-overlooked topic of men's mental health.

In addition to the street play, Hari Ashrith Foundation made generous donations of over 100 books to underprivileged children and gifted purses to all attendees. This act of kindness further emphasized the foundation's commitment to community support and empowerment.
The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Avinash Tiwari, a renowned news reporter and the founding member of Anti-Corruption India Foundation, who served as the chief guest. His insightful address added significant value to the occasion, highlighting the importance of addressing men's mental health issues.
A notable achievement of the event was Hari Ashrith Foundation being awarded the prestigious "Men's Mental Health Awareness Award" by the ACT Foundation. This accolade recognizes the foundation's dedication and impactful efforts in promoting mental health awareness among men.
The entire event was organized in association with First Light Social Foundation, a valued partner of Hari Ashrith Foundation. First Light Social Foundation was also honored with the "Best Humanitarian Award" by Hari Ashrith Foundation, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to humanitarian causes. The founders of First Light Social Foundation, Adweita Prasad Das, Radha Saroj, and Radha Chavan, along with key volunteers Abhishek Singh (Lead Operations), Abhishek Rana (Project Lead), and Harah Gatkari (Head of Education), were instrumental in the collaboration.
Key members of Hari Ashrith Foundation played vital roles in the success of the event. The foundation is led by Founder Akshay Gopal, and Co-founders Kaif Musla, Prakash Goswami, and Akash Gupta. The Board Heads are Saurav Chanyal and Roshni Gupta. Their leadership and dedication were instrumental in making this event a success.
The event was also supported by dedicated volunteers including Khushali Dhadiya, Swastik Khade, Suraj Jasiwal, and Deepak Tiwari, whose efforts were crucial in ensuring the smooth execution of the event.
The event was a resounding success, marking a significant step towards raising awareness about men's mental health and providing support to those in need. Hari Ashrith Foundation continues to lead by example, fostering a more inclusive and supportive community.
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