Smartphone augmented reality is the AR application that is developed for mobile devices, consumers might interact with virtual things on the phone's screen, which is a mixed display of the actual surroundings and 3D virtual objects.

Mobile augmented reality is one in every of the foremost explosive growth areas for AR applications currently. Mobile AR takes advantage of the cosmopolitan base of hardware like smartphones and tablets. Because AR exists within the world, it is sensible for AR applications to be mobile which people can experience them wherever makes the foremost sense within the world, whether it's at a selected exhibit in an exceedingly museum or in an open field in Africa. Mobile devices which will support AR have become more powerful and fewer expensive at a awfully rapid pace. Additionally, new hardware possibilities are emerging, like mobile projection devices that may allow new kinds of mobile AR applications to function and add up. there's a difference between “portable” and “mobile” augmented reality applications. Some people are more willing to just accept the wants of carrying additional technology for AR applications than others. Some mobile technology is extremely obvious to others within the environment, whereas some is “stealth” within the sense that others within the area won't even realize that somebody is engaged in an AR experience. If necessary, a electronic network will be deployed if there's not already suitable connectivity within the area that the mobile AR application is meant to be utilized in. As computer vision algorithms become better, there'll be less have to “set up” a locality to be AR enhanced sooner than time in any way by utilizing natural features of the world, like skylines or famous landmarks, to help the AR application to work out where the device is within the environment.