Smartphones are largely to blame for the fast expanding phenomena known as virtual reality. Smartphones are supplanting specialised gear for virtual reality, which was first implemented. Virtual reality can alter how people live, work, and play using smartphones as a tool.

It's likely that your phone already has VR capabilities. Almost all modern smartphones, regardless of operating system, do. The ability to turn your head to see around in virtual reality adds to its immersion. Thanks to a gyroscope sensor on the smartphone, such is made feasible. Most mid- to high-end smartphones are compatible with one. You can still use certain VR apps if your smartphone at the moment doesn't support one. You won't be able to explore the game or application, though. An optional magnetometer sensor is the other prerequisite. Most headsets contain a button on the exterior to navigate through the app, similar to a mouse-click, since you can't see the smartphone screen when it's in the headset.

Once you are aware that your phone supports virtual reality, you will require a VR headset. A DIY tutorial may be used to create your own headset at home with the aid of some cardboard. You'll also need to pick up a magnet and a pair of glasses. Purchasing a Google Cardboard compatible VR headset is one of the simplest solutions. Shinecon headsets offer the most trustworthy and straightforward solution. These headsets may be a bit more expensive, but they are easier to transport because they are made of plastic rather than cardboard. Additionally, it works with smartphones with various screen sizes. In addition, the cushioning is highly pleasant for prolonged usage, and the headband is readily adjusted to accommodate different persons. In addition to this, there are several high-end headsets, such the Samsung Gear VR. They provide extra functionality as well as some unique VR apps. However, they are only compatible with a small number of certain Samsung cell phones.

There are already several VR apps available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. They are available for download from their respective app shops. You may test out games in a variety of genres. While some games and applications are costly, the majority are free. There are several applications that are only designed to provide a virtual experience of locations, not simply games. There are countless instances. You may live like an astronaut in space, or you can go the opposite extreme and scuba dive to the bottom of the ocean. Each app offers a completely unique experience. Some applications and games even allow you move around with a Bluetooth joystick to make the experience even more lifelike. Here are some of the must-try apps on your VR headset.

YouTube (iOS and Android)

Almost any format you can imagine may be found on YouTube. The same is true with VR videos. You can easily search for virtual reality videos on YouTube and find a tonne of content that you can see in 360 degrees. The VR symbol may be found on every 360-degree VR video. Simply click it to insert the phone's headset. Any direction is possible to experience the sights from. It's a completely engrossing experience. YouTubers are using more 360-degree technology to shoot videos, which is fuelling the growth of this trend.

VR One Cinema (iOS & Android)

When travelling, a lot of individuals use their smartphone to view movies. The experience is not very immersive. The ideal application to solve that issue is VR One Cinema. The software gives you the impression that you are watching movies and videos on a huge screen theatre while you are seated in a movie theatre.

Roller coaster VR (iOS & Android)

From the comfort of your couch, experience the thrills of a fast rollercoaster. This software offers a selection of whirling, theme-based rollercoasters that you may ride. The experience is made even more breathtaking by the use of exotic sites in the construction of the courses. Because you can glance around the stunning scenery, this app makes excellent use of the gyroscope.

Google Cardboard (iOS and Android)

Your introduction to the smartphone VR experience is this app. It is the official Google Cardboard app. You may fly to many locations across the world using Google Earth, which is made available through the programme. You may use it to explore the VR content on your smartphone's images and videos. It's fantastic that the app even includes a list of alternative VR apps you can download. The fact that it is accessible on Apple iPhones as well as Android devices is a plus.