VR and AR are not a far-fetched future anymore, rather in the present almost everybody is aware of it and is actively participating in its evolution. All types of platforms, whether it be educational, informational, entertainment or commercial, is incorporating VR/AR technologies to attract customers, clients and audiences.

Here are the top 10 VR/AR applications to enjoy using the comfort of your mobile

1. YouTube VR

It is YouTube but with the additional feature of switching to VR mode where users can enjoy their favourite videos by fully living the video and getting immersed in it. The VR mode enhances the video experience and is compatible with every VR set made for Android.

2. Titans Of Space

This a VR application that gives a tour of the eights of the planets in our solar system, some of their moons and other stars as well. An immersive experience with great graphics.

3. InCell VR

It is an education-based gaming application that introduces the players to the science of the body by making them human cells. The cell has to fight the viruses and flu as well as race with each other.

4. VR thrills: Roller Coaster 3D

Roller Coaster 3D entertains its users through roller coaster rides with a 360-degree view and with an ultimate track. The game is compatible with google cardboard but one can also play the game without a VR headset.

5. Jaunt VR

Jaunt provides users with multiple VR videos with or without a 360-degree view, live concerts in VR technology, and VR movies, and it also has a story-driven virtual reality experience. It is compatible with multiple headsets and is on both Android and IOS.

6. Google Earth VR

By using this app, the user gets to experience all the locations mapped on google earth with a VR set. Compatible with Oculus headset, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive headsets, etc.

7. Second Life

It is a product of Linden Lab and is a complete virtual world with kilometres to explore. Users can fly, and jump directly to different locations and they can teleport also. Second life also has a digital economy where users can buy and sell virtual lands, and buy virtual content such as avatars, accessories, and clothing articles with their virtual or real money.

8. Altspace VR

This is a VR application that enhances the users' experience regarding meetings. The app allows users to host virtual meetings, immersive classes, events, live shows and many more things from around the world.

9. Full-dive VR

The app has a compilation of hundreds of VR-supported videos, photos and also over five-hundred games. The users can thoroughly entertain themselves for hours upon hours by either playing their games or immersing themselves in the videos.

10. Within

The application has an array of content to choose from. It has documentaries, horror, music videos, animated videos, entertainment videos and many more all of which are VR-supported.

The number of applications that use VR or AR is increasing each day and some of the best apps for the same are yet to come but, the available options also provide some of the best virtual experiences.