Mumbai, October 05,22 – Translucia, a subsidiary of T&B Media Global (Thailand), today announced its entry into Indian market by forging a partnership with Sunovatech India, a specialist immersive and Extended Reality Company to build a comprehensive ecosystem with metaverse elements to create a virtual world worth US$3 billion. In this global alliance, other partners include Sygnum world's first digital asset bank and the first to offer secure “Custody” digital banking, Two Bulls, a Metaverse R&D Center in Melbourne and Black flame. Under the partnership, Sunovatech will act as a production hub for building 3D Assets, Environments and modules of the metaverse.

Sunovatech will design a 3D virtual reality experience for Translucia. Specializing in 3D modeling and rendering design, Sunovatech will be helping to develop 3D assets and environments for visualizing Translucia, using its exceptional Unreal Engine technology development and specialists.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global and Founder of Translucia, said that partnering with global experts would enable Translucia to perfectly integrate with other metaverses. We are delighted to work with Sunovatech India including our global partners, these partners bring their unique expertise, talent and advanced technologies to help Translucia achieve its goals. Sunovatech contribution is critical as the talent from India will bring in quality, speed of production, cost efficiency, and commitment. ”

Translucia aims to develop an ‘infinite universe’ capable of interconnectivity with other metaverses leveraging Web 3.0 capabilities. The Translucia universe will have shared infrastructure, utilities, technologies, hardware, and software. The development will provide a new experience that leads users to a truly immersive experience that connects the real and virtual worlds.

Dr. Jwanwat further added “Early next year, we'll reveal Translucia’s uniqueness in our Virtual Experience launch, letting interested parties get a glimpse of Translucia for the first time."

On the partnership, Mr. Rishi Ahuja, Founder, Sunovatech said “We are really excited to be part of this unique and extensive project, this partnership uniquely opens access to a large volume of 3D Assets for Translucia owned by Sunovatech. We will bring in production speed, finest processes of the Metaverse with harmonized international standards and managed production base in India. Sunovatech’s resources will build various components and Assets of the Metaverse as a service contract with various stakeholders to deliver in Translucia interconnected Metaverse.”

About Translucia

Translucia is the ‘interconnected metaverse’ developed by Translucia Co., a metaverse developer under T&B Media Global (Thailand). Translucia creates virtual worlds that seamlessly blend real world experiences with a culture of positivity and happiness within a fully developed ecosystem that serves and integrates with other metaverses to create an interconnected metaverse.

Translucia’s unique platform balances goodness, wellness and prosperity allowing people to shape happy, positive worlds and co-create respectful earth ecosystems of their dreams.

About T&B Media Global (Thailand)

T&B Media Global is the “Home of Happy,” where creativity and happiness meet. With storytellers and creatives led by Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, its Founder and CEO, T&B Media Global finances and curates exceptional and innovative content from around the world, drawing on a wide network of partners in Thailand and China, and a global network of creative talent. T&B Media Global strives to become a main proponent in spreading happiness around the world by investing in family-friendly content and groundbreaking technologies, while also supporting projects that contribute to the environment, children, and the benefit of all beings.

About Sunovatech

Sunovatech is a creative technology company that puts people at the heart of every immersive and sensory experience.Sunovatech is a specialist Immersive and Extended reality company. It focuses on Virtual and Augmented Reality applications and content development. Its focus has been on 3D and technology development, serving various industry segments over the past 20 years with a very strong portfolio of successfully delivering over 650+ projects across the world.