Investing in the stock market requires a keen eye, especially when dealing with companies like Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company. Here's a comprehensive analysis of the company's share price performance on the recent trading day.


Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company stands as a prominent player in the financial sector. Investors, both seasoned and newcomers, often track its stock performance due to its significance in the market.

Opening Stock Performance

On the last trading day, the stock opened at ₹1237.25 and closed at ₹1236.9. The day witnessed a high of ₹1267.55 and a low of ₹1237.25, capturing the attention of investors.

52-Week Performance

The stock's 52-week high and low are ₹1284.45 and ₹658, respectively. Understanding these values provides investors with crucial insights into the stock's historical performance.

Recent Trading Data

As of the latest update, the stock is trading at ₹1237.5, marking a -1.81% change from yesterday's ₹1260.25. Throughout the day, there have been fluctuations, each update impacting the stock's value.

Historical Comparison

Comparing today's closing price with yesterday's sheds light on short-term trends. It's an essential aspect for investors looking for quick insights into market movements.

Time-Based Analysis

Detailed updates at various times of the day offer a dynamic perspective. Analyzing these fluctuations helps investors understand the stock's behavior during different market hours.

Noteworthy Events

External factors, such as significant news, can influence stock prices. Investors need to be aware of events that might impact their investment.

Investor Sentiment

The fluctuation in prices often reflects the sentiment of investors. Understanding these changes aids in predicting market reactions.

Market Trends

Cholamandalam's stock is not isolated; it's part of broader market trends. Recognizing these trends is vital for making informed investment decisions.

Financial Health

Assessing the financial stability of the company provides valuable context. It helps investors gauge the correlation between financial health and stock performance.

Analyst Predictions

Analysts' predictions can influence market dynamics. Knowing what experts anticipate for Cholamandalam's stock aids in decision-making.

Risk Factors

Investors must be aware of potential risks associated with any stock. This section highlights key risk factors and offers guidance on managing them.


In conclusion, understanding Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company's share price today requires a holistic approach. Investors should consider historical performance, market trends, and external events to make informed decisions.