Despite being a partner of Ripple Inc., Santander Bank has announced they won’t utilize XRP cryptocurrency in their One Pay FX international payments due to low customer adoption.

Low Adoption Led To Decision

Santander Bank has been a partner of Ripple Inc. for two years, utilizing their xCurrent technology for international payments. However, One Pay FX, a Santander App that lets customers transfer money to the US from UK and Spain, will not add XRP as a payment medium despite Ripple’s claims that payments can be conducted at much faster speeds and for much lower costs.

Santander CTO, Ed Metzger, has stated that, “We went live quite quickly and in all honesty, with a product that I would, now, say is version 1.0. And I think with the benefit of hindsight we might have gone a bit slower.” While Metzger is open to the idea of using XRP, he commented that “Adoption of the product has been lower than expected.”

Ripple Expanding Partnerships

Ripple has been steadily expanding their partnerships with major financial institutions around the world. Recently, Ripple has partnered with American Express and MoneyGram, as well as a multi-bank consortium in Japan to use xRapid and XRP to create international payments.

Benefits of XRP

XRP is a digital asset specifically designed for international payments. Its benefits include faster transaction speeds, lower fees and more secure payments. Additionally, it has more liquidity than any other digital asset, making it the perfect choice for international payments.


Santander Bank's decision to use xCurrent over XRP for their One Pay FX is a missed opportunity for Ripple Inc. to showcase the power of XRP for international payments. Despite this, Ripple is still expanding partnerships with major financial institutions, and with its benefits for international payments, XRP is well placed to become the preferred choice.

Key Points: 

  • Santander Bank won't use XRP for One Pay FX international payments.
  • Low customer adoption led to the decision.
  • Ripple has plenty of other partnerships with major financial institutions.
  • XRP is well placed to become the preferred choice for international payments.