The Lekki Free Zone (LFZ) in Nigeria has announced a partnership with Gluwa, a blockchain-based currency exchange platform, to explore the vast potential of blockchain technology. The partnership seeks to create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and bring the Nigerian economy closer to global standards.

What is Gluwa? 

Gluwa is a highly secure blockchain-based currency exchange platform. It makes it easy for people to easily exchange cryptos with low fees, high transparency and efficiency. Gluwa allows users to exchange their currency even without a bank account.

What are the Benefits of the partnership? 

The partnership between LFZ and Gluwa will bring a number of benefits to the Nigerian economy: 

  • It will help to create an environment of trust and transparency in the financial sector.
  • It will promote the use of blockchain technology and help to boost blockchain adoption in Nigeria.
  • It will also provide easy access to essential financial services for unbanked people in the country.
  • The partnership will also help to improve collaboration among African countries.


This partnership between LFZ and Gluwa is a great step towards laying down the foundations for a digital, transparent, and reliable financial system in Nigeria. It will also provide citizens with access to essential financial services, while promoting the use of blockchain technology and helping to boost the economy.