Dex Platform Velodrome has accused coder Gabagool of illegally transferring a large sum of cryptocurrency from their platform. It is alleged that Gabagool managed to steal a total of 350k worth of cryptocurrency.

The Accusations

Dex Platform Velodrome has accused Gabagool of exploiting the platform to take advantage of the code in their smart contract and illegally move funds without authorization. The company has noted suspicious activity in the past few weeks, but only when the situation began to escalate did they realize the magnitude of the situation.

Repercussions for Gabagool

As a result of the accusations, Dex Platform Velodrome is taking action against Gabagool. They have taken steps to limit the damage that has been done and continue to investigate the matter. Additionally, they are seeking legal action against Gabagool and are expecting to pursue criminal charges for their actions.

Protection For Future Users

In light of the recent events, Dex Platform Velodrome is also taking steps to improve their security measures and ensure that no one else is able to access the system without authorization. They are implementing a stringent audit system in order to protect users from fraudulent activity.

What's Next? 

The case against Gabagool is ongoing, with both parties firmly committed to seeing it through. It is yet to be seen how the situation will resolve, but it is clear that Dex Platform Velodrome is taking steps to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.


The accusations of theft against Gabagool are serious and Dex Platform Velodrome is taking action to ensure that the situation is not repeated. They are also working to provide better protection for their users and to ensure no one else is able to access their system without authorization.