Bitwise, an ARK Invest and Coinbase Ventures-backed digital asset investment firm, has launched two Blue Chip NFT Index Funds. The funds are designed to provide institutional and high-net-worth individuals with an easier and safer way to diversify and invest in the NFT space.

What is Bitwise?

Bitwise is a digital asset investment firm that provides institutional investors, family offices, and accredited individuals with access to the digital asset market. The platform offers a suite of products and services that enables clients to invest in digital assets with confidence.

Why is Bitwise Launching NFT Index Funds?

The new NFT Index Funds are aimed at providing an easier and safer way for institutional and high-net-worth individuals to invest in the burgeoning NFT space. The funds provide the ability to invest in a basket of the most liquid, high-quality NFTs that are currently on the market. By investing in a basket of NFTs, investors can reduce risk and eliminate the need for in-depth research on individual NFTs.

What are the Benefits of Bitwise Index Funds?

The Bitwise index funds offer a number of advantages to investors, including:

  • Diversification: The funds allow investors to own a range of NFTs without having to research, buy and monitor each individual asset. This eliminates the risk of investing in a single NFT.
  • Liquidity: Investors can buy and sell the funds quickly and easily, without having to worry about the time it takes to buy and sell individual NFTs.
  • Low Fees: The fees for investing in the funds are substantially lower than those for investing in individual NFTs.


Bitwise's Blue Chip NFT Index Funds provide investors with a low-cost, diversified way to invest in NFTs. This is an attractive option for institutional and high-net-worth investors who want to get exposure to the booming NFT market, but don't want the hassle of researching, buying and selling individual NFTs.