1. The Mid-day Icon for the best capital management advisor

What are your feelings on receiving this honour and who would you like to dedicate it to?
I feel proud and great on receiving this honor and would like to dedicate it to my family and friends. 

2. What was your vision when you started this venture? Have you been able to achieve it?
My vision was to help the clients to invest in a safe and more profitable income. Yes I am achieving it furthermore. 

3. What have been the challenges/struggles that you had to deal with in your venture?
To gain trust and confidence of the clients. 

4. To what would you attribute the success of your venture that won you this icon?
Successfully gaining trust and building good relationship and giving good advise and making their capital safe and profitable. 

5. Do you think this icon will add to the brand's popularity in any way? How do you plan to promote it?
Yes it will. I plan to promote the company through media and word of mouth. 

6. What are the future growth plans for your venture?
Expanding my services globally 

7. What are the accomplishments/achievements of your company since it began?
Gaining more confidence and trust. 

8. What has been your success mantra that has led you towards success?
My success mantra is hard work, and smart work, and technical analysis and experience that led to my success. 

9. Have you achieved your mission or is there more to achieve?
Towards achieving the mission and there is much more to achieve taking my company to the highest level of success.