Get the latest updates on the weather in Swindon with BBC Weather. Stay informed about current conditions, forecasts, and any potential weather alerts in this bustling town in southwest England. Trust BBC Weather to keep you prepared and ahead of any changes in the forecast.

Introduction to BBC Weather Swindon

BBC Weather provides accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts for Swindon, a bustling town located in the county of Wiltshire, England. Swindon is known for its historic railway heritage, vibrant shopping areas, and beautiful green spaces. With BBC Weather Swindon, residents and visitors can rely on detailed forecasts, live updates, and severe weather warnings to help them plan their activities and stay safe in all types of weather conditions. Whether you're looking to enjoy a day out in the town's parks or need to prepare for a rainy day indoors, BBC Weather Swindon has you covered with the latest weather information.

Current weather conditions in Swindon

As of now, the weather in Swindon is mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers. The temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius with a gentle breeze coming from the east. Visibility is good and the air quality is moderate. Residents are advised to carry an umbrella or raincoat in case of any sudden showers. Overall, it is a typical autumn day in Swindon with mild temperatures and occasional cloud cover.

Hourly forecast for Swindon

In Swindon, the hourly forecast shows that temperatures will remain steady around 12-14 degrees Celsius throughout the day. There is a chance of scattered showers in the morning, but by the afternoon, the rain is expected to clear up, with partly cloudy skies prevailing. Winds will be light, around 5-10 mph, coming from the southwest. Overall, it looks like a relatively mild and calm day in Swindon, with minimal chances of severe weather.

5-day weather forecast for Swindon

The weather forecast for Swindon over the next 5 days is looking mixed, with a mix of sun and clouds. On Monday, we can expect partly cloudy skies with a high of 18°C and a low of 10°C. Tuesday will see a slight increase in temperature, reaching a high of 20°C with a chance of showers in the afternoon. Wednesday will bring more sunshine with a high of 22°C, followed by Thursday which will see a mix of sun and clouds and a high of 21°C. Finally, Friday will see mostly cloudy skies with a high of 19°C. Overall, it looks like a fairly mild and variable week ahead for Swindon.

Detailed weather information for Swindon

Swindon, located in the South West of England, experiences a temperate maritime climate characterized by mild summers and cool winters. The average temperature in summer ranges from 15°C to 25°C, while in winter temperatures can drop to around 0°C to 8°C. Rainfall is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, with the wettest months typically being November and December. Snowfall is rare in Swindon, but frost can occur during the winter months. Overall, Swindon enjoys relatively mild and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities and exploring the surrounding countryside.

Weather alerts and warnings for Swindon

Swindon is currently under a weather warning for heavy rain and potential flooding. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for the area, with up to 40mm of rain expected to fall in a short period of time. Residents are advised to be cautious when traveling and to be prepared for possible disruptions to transportation services. It is recommended to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary journeys until the weather conditions improve. Please stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and alerts to ensure your safety.

Historical weather data for Swindon

Swindon, located in the southwest of England, has a temperate maritime climate characterized by mild winters and cool summers. Historical weather data for Swindon shows that the average annual temperature ranges from 7°C to 19°C, with January being the coldest month and July the warmest. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year, with the wettest months typically being October and November. Snowfall is rare in Swindon, with only a few days of snow recorded each year. Overall, Swindon experiences relatively mild and pleasant weather conditions, making it a popular destination for visitors and residents alike.

Weather radar and satellite imagery for Swindon.

Weather radar and satellite imagery for Swindon show clear skies and no precipitation in the area. The radar indicates no significant weather systems moving through the region, while the satellite imagery shows a few scattered clouds overhead. Overall, the weather in Swindon appears to be calm and pleasant, with no immediate threats of rain or severe weather. Residents can expect a dry and sunny day ahead.

Tips for staying safe during extreme weather in Swindon

When facing extreme weather in Swindon, it is important to stay informed and prepared. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and warnings, and make sure to follow any advice given by local authorities. In the event of severe weather, such as heavy rain or snow, avoid unnecessary travel and stay indoors if possible. If you must go out, dress warmly and take extra precautions on the roads. It is also a good idea to have an emergency kit stocked with essential supplies such as food, water, and a flashlight in case of power outages. By staying vigilant and prepared, you can help ensure your safety during extreme weather events in Swindon.

Popular outdoor activities in Swindon based on weather conditions

In Swindon, popular outdoor activities vary depending on the weather conditions. On sunny days, residents and visitors often enjoy picnicking in the town's parks, such as Lydiard Park or Coate Water Country Park, and exploring the surrounding countryside on walks or bike rides. Water sports, such as paddleboarding or kayaking on the lake at Cotswold Water Park, are also popular choices for warm, sunny days. In contrast, when the weather is colder or wetter, many people opt for indoor activities such as visiting the STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway or shopping at the Swindon Designer Outlet. Overall, Swindon offers a variety of outdoor activities to suit different weather conditions.