Unveiling the Power of Vulnerability: Transform Your Life and Ignite Breakthroughs

Short by News Room / 05:29 PM on 10 October, 2023

Marysol Uribe is a prominent healthcare figure who has pioneered the Un Billón Mindset movement. This movement encourages individuals to shatter limiting beliefs and embrace their vulnerabilities for personal transformation. Marysol's Billion Dollar Protocol encompasses mindset, body, and soul and seeks to empower a billion people. To initiate a journey of personal evolution, contact Marysol's Media team or book a discovery call with her.

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Healing Pharma India Private Limited: A Journey of Revolution, Innovation, and Global Success

Short by News Room / 02:16 PM on 24 August, 2023

Healing Pharma India Private Limited is a prominent name in the pharmaceutical industry. Founded by Mr. Sanjay Parekh and Mr. Hitesh Jain, the company has grown to enter the elite 100 crores club within just 5 years of its inception. The company’s products include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, ayurvedic, herbal, cosmetics, rehabilitation, and hormonal preparations. HPIPL also supports government initiatives to regulate drug prices and encourages healthcare professionals to prescribe generic medicines. The company is determined to go digital by introducing QR codes on every prescription and generic drug.

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Celebrity Fitness Guru Yasmin Karachiwala Endorses Diabic Care Juice for Diabetics!

Short by News Room / 06:19 PM on 21 August, 2023

Celebrity fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala recently shared a post on her Instagram recommending Krishna's Herbal and Ayurveda's Diabic Care Juice to diabetic and pre-diabetic people. The juice is made up of 11 herbs which helps in regulating blood sugar levels, boosting metabolism, and fighting the side effects of diabetes. It has already benefitted over 10 lakh people. Krishna Ayurveda also plans to launch a range of ayurvedic products such as chyawanprash, juices, bhasmas, tablets and powders within the next 2 months.

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Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Short by News Room / 06:30 AM on 03 July, 2023

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds, which can offer a range of health benefits. It has been found to boost metabolism, improve brain function, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, support healthy aging and skin health, regulate blood sugar levels, enhance oral health and fight bad breath, support a healthy digestive system, strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and promote relaxation and stress relief.

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Right Upper Quadrant Pain Under Ribs

Short by News Room / 06:07 AM on 02 July, 2023

Right upper quadrant pain in the area just below your ribs can be caused by a variety of conditions, including liver diseases, gallbladder disorders, pancreatic conditions, kidney issues, intestinal problems, and musculoskeletal causes. Symptoms may include nausea and vomiting, jaundice, fever, abdominal bloating, changes in bowel movements, and back or shoulder pain. If you experience persistent or severe right upper quadrant pain, seek medical attention to determine the cause and receive proper care.

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Immediate Relief For Trapped Gas Home Remedies And Prevention Tips

Short by News Room / 06:44 AM on 01 July, 2023

Trapped gas is a common digestive issue that can cause abdominal bloating, flatulence, and discomfort. Home remedies like herbal teas, essential oils, heat therapy, gentle exercises, and lifestyle changes can help provide relief and prevent the buildup of trapped gas.

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How To Lose Weight As Fast As Possible

Short by News Room / 06:14 AM on 30 June, 2023

Losing weight can be a challenging journey, but with the right approach and strategies, it is possible to achieve your weight loss goals. Set realistic goals, create a calorie deficit, and focus on eating nutrient-dense foods while practicing portion control, staying hydrated, minimizing processed foods and added sugars, getting adequate sleep, managing stress levels, and seeking professional guidance for optimal results.

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29 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss: Nourishing Options to Satisfy Your Cravings

Short by News Room / 02:56 PM on 29 June, 2023

- Snacking can be part of a healthy weight loss plan with the right choices. This article presents 29 healthy snacks that are not only delicious but also promote weight loss. These include Greek yogurt with berries, apple slices with nut butter, carrot sticks with hummus, hard-boiled eggs, mixed nuts, edamame, celery with cottage cheese, kale chips, avocado slices on whole grain crackers, watermelon cubes, cucumber and tomato salad, cottage cheese with fresh fruit, roasted chickpeas, quinoa salad, rice cakes with almond butter and banana slices, veggie sticks with tzatziki, smoked salmon roll-ups, chia pudding, roasted seaweed snacks, Greek salad skewers, whole grain crackers with smashed avocado and smoked salmon, fruit salad, mini caprese skewers, steamed edamame with sea salt, spinach and feta stuffed mushrooms, almond butter energy balls, and vegetable soup.

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11 Proven Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Short by News Room / 07:41 AM on 28 June, 2023

Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse, containing essential nutrients, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. They have numerous health benefits, such as promoting healthy digestion, managing weight, regulating blood sugar levels, promoting heart health, boosting energy and endurance, supporting bone health, enhancing skin health, aiding in detoxification, improving brain function, and fighting inflammation. Incorporating chia seeds into your diet can be a simple and effective way to improve your overall well-being.

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10 Healthy Fast Food Restaurants: Enjoying Nutritious Meals on the Go

Short by News Room / 06:36 AM on 27 June, 2023

- This article explores 10 fast food restaurants that offer healthy options. From Subway's customizable sandwiches to Chipotle's Mexican bowls and Sweetgreen's salads, there are a range of nutritious choices available. When choosing fast food, opt for lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables. Remember to make mindful choices and avoid high-calorie toppings and extras.

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