VR, virtual reality, and AR, which stand for augmented reality, have changed how we experience the world around us. VR creates a virtual world of any kind for the viewers to completely immerse in it, while AR superimposes virtual effects onto the real world. VR and AR are now being heavily employed in the entertainment, education systems, and commercial sector.

Here are the 17 best VR and AR apps for Android as well as IOS

 1. Pokémon Go

Why not start with one of the most used AR game applications of its time, Pokémon Go uses AR to introduce its multiple characters in real-time and in the real world to the players. In the game, one can click photos and collect the various Pokémons. Other features include raiding, live playing, and participating in battles and events.

Available on Android and IOS.

 2. Ingress Prime

Another AR game application which utilizes GPS to locate the players’ position and then guide them to the portals that appear in culturally significant places or places where art or any human achievement is expressed. The game has a backstory which involves players fighting for the factions they believe in.

Available on both, Android and IOS.

 3. Medical Realities

This application makes use of both AR and VR to provide a unique take towards medical education. Using some of the VR devices, trainees can see medical operations and multiple lessons, and complete medical procedure simulations, instructions, and films to further enhance their knowledge. In addition to being utilised in medical colleges for assessment and training in diplomas and other levels of medical courses, it is also employed in hospitals in real-world settings.

 4. uMake

It is an AR designing app that allows its users to draw or sketch and create models for products by using elements and objects. One of its features is that it provides the user with the opportunity to view their designs in real-time and the real world. Users can also import their designs from their other accounts.

It is only available for IOS.

 5. InCell VR

This is an action/racing game where the user has to use strategies and experience body science in the micro world of human cells and has to race with other human cells. It easily has much to give in terms of graphics.

Available for both, Androids and IOS

 6. Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

This is a gaming application with a horror set and a 360-degree view to add to the chills. The horror unfolds in a room and continues with spine-chilling horrors as the player proceeds.

Available only for IOS.

 7. Cartoon Village

The game takes the player to a small 3D village with residents that include farmers and labourers. Additionally, there are a good number of customizable choices that one can use to alter the day of the week, the seasons, the camera mode, the speeds, and other features.

Available only for Android

 8. Within VR

An application which immerses the users in nature documentaries and other infotainment programs. A type of cinematic VR, it enhances the experience of hand-picked stories, documentaries, horrors, music videos and many more.

Available both for Android and IOS.

 9. Full Dive VR

A virtual platform to navigate and a social platform as well. Users are fully immersed in the virtual world and can navigate to different places of their choice. Other features also include sharing, reacting, and commenting on what your friends are watching.

Available both for Android and IOS.

10. Beasts of Legends

It is an action-based game compatible with google cardboard. Players dive into this fantasy realm and find their way through different levels by fighting one creature in each.

Available only for Android.

11. VR Escape Game

As the name suggests the game immerses users in different virtual stages to escape from by solving different puzzles without even touching the screen. 

Only available for Android.

 12. Moon Bird 2 VR

The application provides a bird’s eye view to its users to experience of flying above all. The app has different places to visit and experience them all from different angles.

Available for both Android and IOS.

 13. VR Zombie Shoot

This is an action gaming application that engages players in a world of zombies. The player appears as a commando and has to use his skill set to escape the zombie-infected city.

Available only for Android.

14. Fractal Combat X

It is a flight simulation plus a combat game as well. The players have a 360-degree view with great 3D graphics which VR supports.

Available only for IOS.

15. VR Temple Roller Coaster

As the name suggests, the application takes its users on a dangerous rollercoaster ride within different terrains and underwater regions.

Available only for Android.

16. VR Noir

A gaming application where the player is a detective and uncovers secrets and solves the case from his new client, all of which are ingrained in a storyline.

Only available for Android

17. House of Terror

One of the escape room games, the application packs its visuals with an intense atmosphere, including traps and monsters with puzzles and clues that the player has to use to figure the whole house out.

Available for both Android and IOS

VR and AR both have set their foot in the world of technologically advanced applications and every company is using this tech to enhance its customer’s experience. With the increasing demand, developers are developing more and more advanced applications to cater to the needs of everyone.