Wrightspeed Partners With Matthews Specialty Vehicles To Convert Buses And Trucks To Electrified Drive

Wrightspeed Inc., a Silicon Valley startup that's developing electric powertrains for commercial vehicles, has partnered with Matthews Specialty Vehicles Inc. to electrify buses and trucks.

The two companies will work together to design and build Wrightspeed's Route line of electric powertrains for Matthews' vehicles. The powertrains will be available in both hybrid and all-electric versions.

This is a major coup for Wrightspeed, which has been working hard to develop its electric powertrains for commercial vehicles. The partnership with Matthews will give Wrightspeed a chance to showcase its technology in a wide range of vehicles, from buses and trucks to street sweepers and garbage trucks.

The Route powertrains will be designed to provide significant fuel savings and emission reductions. They will also offer significantly lower operating costs than conventional powertrains.

The partnership between Wrightspeed and Matthews is part of a growing trend of companies teaming up to develop electric vehicles. Earlier this year, Daimler AG and Bosch announced a joint venture to develop electric drivetrains for commercial vehicles. And last year, Cummins Inc. and Peterbilt Motors Co. teamed up to develop an all-electric Class 8 truck.

As the cost of batteries continues to fall and range anxiety fades, we are likely to see even more partnerships between traditional automakers and startups as they race to develop the next generation of electric vehicles.