The spot, created by TBWAChiatDay LA, features a man using a gas-powered leaf blower, listen to a gas-powered alarm clock and starting a gas-powered car. All of which are driving him crazy. He then walks over to a Nissan Leaf, which is silent. The commercial ends with the tagline, "No tailpipe. No emissions. No kidding."

The commercial was one of a series of spots that Nissan ran throughout the year to promote the launch of the Leaf, which went on sale in select markets in December 2010. The other commercials in the campaign included "Piano" and "Multitasking."

"We're thrilled that Adweek has named our Nissan Leaf commercial as one of the 10 best of 2011," said Andy Palmer, executive vice president and executive creative director for TBWAChiatDay LA. "When we set out to launch the world's first all-electric car, we knew we had to do something special that would break through the clutter and get people's attention. The idea of using gas-powered everything to showcase the advantages of the Leaf was a perfect way to do that."

The Leaf commercial was the only automotive spot to make Adweek's 10 Best list.