Yuga Labs recently announced the establishment of a Bayc Community Council with the goal of driving innovation for the Bayc ecosystem. The Council consists of industry leaders and key decision-makers in the Bayc community.

Mission of the Council

The mission of the Council is to facilitate open dialogue between members of the Bayc community in order to foster greater understanding, foster collaboration, and bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. The Council will also aim to develop and implement strategies to accelerate the development and growth of the Bayc Platform.

Key Benefits of the Council

The Bayc Community Council will offer a variety of tangible benefits to its members and to the Bayc ecosystem as a whole:

  • Collaboration and Innovation: The Council will provide members with an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and innovate through sharing best practices and developing new ideas.
  • Community Building: The Council will provide a platform for members to build relationships, form partnerships, and create networks.
  • Education and Training: The Council will act as a conduit for members to receive the latest information and training related to the Bayc Platform.
  • Idea Sharing and Networking: The Council will act as a platform for members to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange and creative problem solving, as well as to provide an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.


The Bayc Community Council is a welcome addition to the Bayc ecosystem and is sure to foster the growth and development of the platform. With the support of members, the Council will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ideas to the table.