Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has recently announced that his aerospace manufacturing company, SpaceX, will now accept doge payments - following the footsteps of his other company, Tesla. This news has further propelled the cryptocurrency dogecoin in its journey toward becoming a mainstream payment method.

Tesla Goes Big With Dogecoin

In March 2021, Tesla announced that it would start accepting dogecoin as a payment method for its products. The move - part of Tesla's larger effort to explore cryptocurrency payments - caused a major surge in the dogecoin price. The company also invested $1.5 billion of its reserves into dogecoin.

Musk Promotes Doge Payments For His Companies

With this news, Elon Musk has shown his intention to accept dogecoin payments in all of his companies. He has personally taken to Twitter to promote dogecoin, declaring it his favorite cryptocurrency. He has also said that he wants to make dogecoin the official currency of the internet.

Spacex Follows Teslas Lead In Accepting Dogecoin

In recent days, Musk has announced that all of SpaceXs services can now be paid using dogecoin. The company has also expressed its faith in dogecoins potential as a mainstream form of payment. This move has further increased the value of dogecoin, as well as increased confidence in its long-term viability.

Benefits Of Accepting Doge Payments

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with a large and active community, which is why companies like Tesla and Spacex are willing to accept it as a payment. First and foremost, it is a secure form of payment due to its blockchain technology. Secondly, it is a fast and convenient payment method. Lastly, dogecoin payments are much cheaper than traditional payments, with transaction fees as low as one cent.


Elon Musk's announcement that SpaceX will be following in Tesla's footsteps by accepting dogecoin payments is a huge step forward in the adoption of the cryptocurrency. It shows the potential of the cryptocurrency and provides confidence to the larger crypto community. With companies like Tesla and Spacex showing their trust in dogecoin, it is only a matter of time before other companies begin to follow suit.